What is Quantitative Systems Pharmacology?

12-5pm, 29th November 2018,
Wellcome Collection, London,

Find out more about what Quantitative Systems Pharmacology can do for you and your research!

A programme can be downloaded from here

A half-day meeting specifically designed to give pharmacologists and researchers working in related fields an introduction to this new and exciting field.

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) brings a systems approach to the development of pharmaceuticals, using quantitative approaches such as mathematical modelling and data analysis to integrate subcellular genetic and protein-protein interaction networks with body scale information and clinical data.

Hear from experts in industry and academia as to how QSP is redefining the drug discovery and development pipeline, learn how QSP can inform your own work, find out about funding opportunities and how you can become involved in the world-leading UK QSP Network.

Registration (including lunch) is free. Simply e-mail m dot tindall at reading dot ac dot uk with your name, organisation and any dietary details to register.